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Mining Industry

Mining exploration can be a face paced, rapid development industry with significant changes taking place as metals prices change and new discoveries emerge.

Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. strives to bring our shareholders relevant information from around the mining industry. Often the best source for news is analysts and newsletter writers that follow trends and know the “hot spots” or will focus a specific play as it develops.

In order to help keep you up to date, we offer several reference pieces on current precious metals issues including gold, silver and regional, national and global trends.

• Gold Industry Overview
• Silver Mining In Canada
• Precious Metals Outlook 2003


There are currently no analysts initialing coverage of Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. This is due, in part, to the early development stage of the company and the fact that is completely focused on early-stage exploration.
Columbia Yukon Explorations expects that the company will attract analyst attention according to noteworthy discoveries and developments in the various regions where the company is exploring.


Newsletters often provide one of the most insightful and informative resources for information on mining and exploration plays. For a quick overview on gold, silver and other precious metals topics, we provide the following newsletter resources.

• Exploration News
• California Mining Journal
• The Prospector

**While these newsletters may provide useful information, it should be noted that the opinions expressed in these letters are not those of Columbia Yukon Explorations, its management or professional consultants. They are provided solely as a reference for information.



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