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About Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc.
Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. is a diversified exploration company focused on developing promising new prospects in Canada’s undiscovered mineral regions. Relying on keen exploration talent, combined with an aggressive approach to emerging mineral ”plays”, CYU is able to participate in a broad range of exciting projects.

CYU is currently developing three major projects that will allow the company to carry out a year-round timetable for exploration and drilling. The Gold Canyon and Barnes Creek prospects in British Columbia, Canada will be explored, sampled and drilled during the fall, spring and summer months, while the company’s Hebner Lake project in Manitoba, Canada is ideally suited to drilling and development during the winter months. These three projects are targeted for immediate exploration over the next 6 to 12 month period - each with the prospect of a potential major find of gold, silver, nickel, copper and related precious metals.

Fueled by the rise in gold prices and the drive for more exploration, CYU has begun an aggressive program on its Gold Canyon Property in British Columbia. The property is located in a region with other rich silver occurrences within kilometers of CYU’s proposed drilling area. An extensive sampling program was undertaken in late summer 2003, with a drill program set to follow.

Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. is an aggressive developer with high value targets in some of the most promising mineral regions in the world. The company is pursuing company-maker size discoveries in the order of other major discoveries in Canada’s mineral rich zones.


Columbia Yukon Explorations was founded by a veteran group of mining and resource management with years of developing development and exploration companies that have participated in some of Canada’s major mineral plays over the last 20 years. This team of experienced professionals have positioned Columbia Yukon Explorations to move quickly into new plays, securing an early interest, providing development funding and garnering an excellent position based on aggressive participation.

Management Team and Board Of Directors

Douglas L. Mason, Chairman & Director

Benjamin Ainsworth, Vice President of Explorations

Sharon E. Constable, Vice President of Administration

Bruce Morley, Director


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